Itinerary of the Lovina Day-Trip:


+++ Dolphin Watching.

+++ Vihara Dharma Giri Pupuan.

+++ Brahma Vihara Ashrama.

+++ Banyumala Waterfall.

+++ Twin Lakes.


We leave early from your hotel because the boats go out at 6 AM.

You will see the Dolphins in the wild swimming and jumping out of the water. 

Many times they come close to the boat, so hold your camera ready.

Vihara Dharma Giri is a beautiful Buddhist temple in the village of Pupuan in Tabanan.

The temple's best known for its large, white sleeping Buddha statue.
The village itself is usually favoured for its expanses of rice fields.
It's a highlight on the scenic drive to Lovina in North Bali if you’re travelling from Bali’s south.

The Brahma Vihara Ashrama  is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali. The Buddhist temple is located in the hills and offers a nice view.

It is believed that Buddhist monks in the 6th century settled in the north of Bali. So the Buddhist influence on the Hindu religion of Bali is noticeable.

The terraced complex has a few meditation rooms with golden Buddhas, and there are a number of Buddha statues in the garden.

On the highest terrace of the complex is a stupa, which is a small version of the Borobudur in Java. In the temple you will find references to Borobudur.

This waterfall is located in a valley with three sides of waterfall.

The highest and the largest one are located at the center of it. The other smaller one are placed at the left and right side. There is a natural pool that makes this waterfall is really famous.

With its clean and pure water, you will feel so safe to swim around the pool. You can even look at the base of the pool because the water is very clean. The depth of this pool can be up to 2 meters. However the diameter of this pool is about 20 meter with the round shape. 

Twin Lake are two picturesque lakes positioned at the bottom of the mountain.

Known also as Buyan and Tamblingan lakes, the lakes are surrounded by mountain ranges.

From Munduk, there are a number of viewpoints which provide lovely views of the lakes.